Buying your personal Chat Sequence video

Buying your personal Chat Sequence video for Display / Video Ads.

So, you have your chat ready and you want to show some demos to your target audience? Or maybe even you landed your customer already and want to blow him away with the cool demo you made?

We have created several great videos you can now buy to display your latest and greatest work. We will make each one unique to your own business and chat sequence.

Ready to check them out? On this YouTube page you can see them in action

Please get your chat flow videos from our template store:

Chat Flow Videos


Do I have to send some specific information?

What we would need from you to make these awesome videos is simple:

  • A chat sequence screencast (you make your screencast with one of the easy to use Apps for Android or iPhone and we will implement that in the video of your choice).
  • If you do not want to, or can not make such a video screencast, we can do it for you. Just send us the link to your chat and we will walk through it as being one of the regular users chatting with your bot. Want us to follow a specific path? Be clear and give us the steps you want us to take. Once done, it’s done. Unless we made the wrong steps that you gave us to follow, sales are final if we DID follow your instructions.


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